In Bakhmut

Hugh Barnes watches a funeral on TV It was a Monday in September and all eyes were glued to a televised funeral. But the ceremony was taking place a thousand miles away from Westminster Abbey, at the National Opera House in Kyiv, mourning the loss of a 47-year-old Ukrainian ballet dancer. Oleksandr Shapoval, its principalContinue reading “In Bakhmut”


The current issue of Green Socialist is the 100th since the journal began publication a quarter of a century ago. It is a significant milestone perhaps but also gives us pause for thought because what it signifies in many ways is how little progress has actually been made in the intervening period towards achieving the goals ofContinue reading “Editorial”

Rosa Luxemburg in London

Dana Mills reflects on a Polish-German Marxist’s complicated relationship with revolutionaries in Britain from Lenin to Sylvia Pankhurst IN the spring of 1907, having just been released from a Berlin prison, Rosa Luxemburg arrived in London to attend a congress of the exiled Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party – and to debate revolutionary strategy with variousContinue reading “Rosa Luxemburg in London”