In Bakhmut

Hugh Barnes watches a funeral on TV It was a Monday in September and all eyes were glued to a televised funeral. But the ceremony was taking place a thousand miles away from Westminster Abbey, at the National Opera House in Kyiv, mourning the loss of a 47-year-old Ukrainian ballet dancer. Oleksandr Shapoval, its principalContinue reading “In Bakhmut”

The Socialist Suffragette

Rachel Holmes celebrates the life of Sylvia Pankhurst IN 1896, when she was thirteen, Sylvia Pankhurst was taken by her father to the Mosley Hotel in her home town of Manchester to meet Eleanor Marx, the foremother of socialist-feminism and Karl’s youngest daughter, at an event held in honour of William Liebknecht, leader of theContinue reading “The Socialist Suffragette”

Why we are Green Socialists

by Bryn Glover Introduction We are GREEN because we recognise certain clear and unequivocal truths about human activity. Currently, the human race treats planet Earth as if were an endless storehouse or bottomless sewer. This may have been going on for thousands of years, but the time has come for it to stop. We haveContinue reading “Why we are Green Socialists”