Starmer Shows His True Colours

Why Labour has turned out to be a dead-end for the left

By Mike Davies

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected, and then re-elected, as Leader of the Labour Party, a wave of enthusiasm swept the left. Was this the beginning of a real opposition party in Britain? Some backed Corbyn’s politics by joining Labour, including some members of the Alliance for Green Socialism. Others, including myself, chose to continue campaigning outside Labour for socialist and environmental (rather than simply social democratic) change. Regardless of our individual decisions, we all felt the breath of fresh air provided by a Labour leader who was not simply a slightly paler blue Tory.

In response, the British establishment came up with a truly masterful counterstroke. It has been a long-standing Zionist political project to push the idea that anti-Zionism somehow equated to anti-semitism and that criticism of Israel was necessarily criticism of Jews in general.  This is, of course, utterly false. Indeed, given the racist nature of Zionism and the Israeli state, it is Zionism itself that poses a racist threat.

The establishment and their Zionist allies created, from nothing, the idea that Corbyn’s party was anti-semitic. Given Corbyn’s lifelong record of opposition to racism and anti-semitism this was an ambitious lie to peddle. However, the combined resources of organised Zionists, right-wingers inside Labour, compliant media and the resources of the state succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They hugely eroded electoral support for Labour, leading to election defeat and Corbyn’s resignation as leader. Indeed, they have come close to making anti-Zionism an unacceptable opinion. Further, they have promoted the baseless idea that left wing politics itself is inevitably anti-semitic.

Who would replace Corbyn? When he sought election as Labour leader, Starmer portrayed himself as left-leaning. The picture was of a Corbyn sympathiser aiming to substantially retain Corbyn’s policies. Sir Keir promised to keep his rivals, like Rebecca Long-Bailey, in the shadow cabinet. Since then a more accurate picture has gradually emerged. Starmer has got rid of every single Corbyn supporter in the Shadow Cabinet. He has failed to push left policies – or indeed any policies – simply promoting himself, in and out of Parliament, as ‘competent’. 

The AGS was always suspicious of Starmer but was prepared to give him a chance.

Now the truth comes out for all to see. Starmer has suspended Corbyn for the simple act of telling, in a very restrained manner, the truth about the artificial ‘anti-semitism’ media storm whipped up by a combination of Zionists, right-wing Labour apparatchiks, and the British state. Indeed Starmer has described himself as ‘a Zionist, without reservation’. He is just a right-wing hatchet man. It is clear there is no future for the left inside Starmer’s Labour Party. 

I urge genuine leftists and genuine anti-racists to forget about the resurrected right-wing Labour Party. Join a socialist and environmental party like the Alliance for Green Socialism. If you left the AGS earlier, we will be very happy see you back. If you are new to the AGS, welcome.

Mike Davies is the Chair of the AGS

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